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The European Benchmarking Co-operation

Improvement programme for water services

Benchmarking programmes

Since 2007, EBC operates an international benchmarking programme with the objective to improve water and wastewater services. Joining the EBC-programme is a commitment to assess, learn and improve!

Picture Western Europe

Western Europe

Western Europe is EBC's core market. Building on the experience for Western Europe EBC has become a renowed initiative in benchmarking and performance improvement.

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EBC participants globally

In 2017, 47 utilities from 20 different countries participated in EBC's annual benchmarking exercise. Three of these utilities are from outside Europe (Singapore, United States and Oman). Additionally, 54 utilities divided over 5 hubs (Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia region, Ukraine, Albania & Kosovo and the Danube Region) joined.

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EBC's benchmarking approach

The International Water Association briefly defines benchmarking as a tool for performance improvement through systematic search and adaptation of leading practices. Benchmarking is not a single action but a continuous, cyclical process.

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Participation & practicalities

EBC offers a learning-orientated benchmarking programme. Participants to the benchmarking exercise will be able to compare the performance of their own utility with that of peers and collect objective performance information for use in communication to stakeholders.

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IB2016 Public report

The IB2016 Public Report highlights the results of the international benchmarking exercise that ended in December 2017. The annual benchmarking excercise in Western Europe attracted 47 utilities from 20 countries.



Latest news

2018-02-19 - Call to Register IB2017

In 2018 the European Benchmarking Co-operation organises its 12th annual benchmarking exercise for drinking water- & wastewater utilities in Western Europe (IB2017). Joining the EBC-programme is a commitment to assess, learn and improve!

2018-02-14 - Update EBCs' Terms & Conditions

On 13.02.2018 the Terms & Conditions for benchmarking- and improvement services provided by Stichting EBC Foundation were updated.

2017-12-15 - IB2016 comes to an end. It's time to focus on IB2017!

Last week, we have issued the final company reports for the IB2016 benchmarking exercise. With the final company reports, the current benchmarking exercise slowly comes to an end. Of course next year we will run a new exercise: IB2017 and we look forward to welcoming you (again) in the next cycle!

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