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The European Benchmarking Co-operation:

Improvement programme
for water services

Benchmarking programmes

Since 2007, EBC operates an international benchmarking programme with the objective to improve water and wastewater services.

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Western Europe

Western Europe remains EBC's core market. Building on the experience for Western Europe EBC has become a renowed initiative in benchmarking and performance improvement.

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EBC participants globally

In 2015, 43 utilities from 17 different countries participated in EBC's annual benchmarking exercise. Additionally, 56 utilities divided over 4 hubs (Albania/Kosovo, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia region and Ukraine) joined.

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EBC benchmarking process

The International Water Association briefly defines benchmarking as a tool for performance improvement through systematic search and adaptation of leading practices. Benchmarking is not a single action but a continuous, cyclical process.

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EBC offers a learning-orientated benchmarking programme. Participants to the benchmarking exercise will be able to compare the performance of their own utility with that of peers and collect objective performance information for use in communication to stakeholders.

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IB2014 Public report

The IB2014 Public Report highlights the results of the international benchmarking exercise that ended in December 2015. The annual benchmarking excercise in Western Europe attracted 43 utilities from 17 countries.



Latest news

2016-11-11 - IB2015 Benchmarking workshop: Raising the bar

From 2 - 4 November 2016, participants in the IB2015 benchmarking exercise for Western Europe gathered in Poznan, Poland for the 10th edition of the annual benchmarking workshop. Over 84 utility representatives from around Europe and beyond, including delegations from regional benchmarking hubs in the Danube region participated in an open and constructive atmosphere, with a clear spirit of collaboration and taking lessons from colleagues.

2016-09-08 - Pre-registration IB2016

The Western Europe benchmarking exercise (IB2015) is only halfway, but it is important to already focus on next year. As most utilities are already discussing and even finalising priorities and budgets for next year it is important to keep IB2016 in mind. Benchmarking is most effective if it is carried out repeatedly in a continuous plan-do-check-act cycle.

2016-09-05 - EBC sent out its second newsletter

At the beginning of September, EBC has issued its second newsletter. The EBC newsletter is published and distributed on a quarterly basis.

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