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The EBC network

Since the start more than 240 water- and wastewater utilities from 45 countries, distributed over different regional programmes have been engaged in one or more benchmarking cycles to exchange knowledge and benchmark their services.

Western European programme

EBC started its activities in Western Europe. Since 2007, some 130 water- and wastewater utilities from 35 countries from Western Europe and beyond have participated in one or more of its annual exercises. The Western European programme is a voluntary, self-financed programme - utilities sign up and pay a (cost covering) participation fee. Annually, the exercises attract 40 to 50 participants, who represent some 15% of the EU-population.

What others say about the WE programme

Facts & Figures 

Below are some facts & figures displayed giving insight in the IB2019 group of participants 

Other regional programmes

Together with local partners, EBC facilitates or has facilitated several regional benchmarking programmes across Europe and even beyond.

In most cases these regional programmes are structured according to EBC’s benchmarking hub-concept. In this concept, national water utility associations are the “owner” of the programme and responsible for the local organisation of the activities. EBC supports the associations with the programme organisation, the training of co-ordinating staff, the methodology, an online benchmarking platform and with the workshops for sharing good practices. Starting point of the hub-concept is that all participants in all regional programmes/hubs use the same assessment methodology (apart from optional extra local questions). Because of this, results can be compared between the different programmes.

So far, some 110 utilities from 10 different countries ranging from Bulgaria to Ukraine, from Slovenia to Romania and in Kenya have been involved in EBC-facilitated utility benchmarking efforts, and this number continues to grow.




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