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Public Report

The IB2019 Public Report highlights the main results from the annual benchmarking exercise for water- and wastewaterservices in Western Europe, shares participants experiences from new utilties and showcases two best practices from the sector. Last year 47 utilities from 19 different countries participated. Together they serve millions of consumers across Europe and beyond.

The Public report shows ranges and median values of 24 key indicators for drinking water- and wastewater services. In order to present a balanced view on the performance of utilities, EBC analyses six performance areas: Access, Water quality, Reliability, Service quality, Sustainability and Finance & Efficiency.

For drinking water the report contains indicators like quality of supplied water, mains failures per 100 km, services complaints per connected property, share of water bill, electricity use per m3 water produced, climate footprint per m3 direct revenue drinking water, total cost coverage ratio, average water charges and average mains age. For wastewater indicators like wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) compliance, sewer and connection blockages, share of wastewater bill, WWTP energy consumption, total cost coverage ratio and average charges per connected property are included.

Next to the key indicators, the Public Report contains participants' experiences. This year with a contribution from hanseWasser Bremen (DE) and good practices from the water sector with a contribution by VIVAQUA (BE), Dunea (NL), EMASESA (ESP) and Aquanet SA (PL).

You can download the report here: IB2019 Public report.

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