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The European Benchmarking Co-operation

Improvement programme for water services

The map below shows the number of unique utilities per geographic cluster, which participated at least once over the last 5 years in one of EBCs’ benchmarking programmes.

The programme explained

Participants gain insight in potential improvement areas, industry best practices and innovations through extensive, annual benchmarking exercises and knowledge exchange events. 

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EBC offers water- & wastewater utilities in Europe and beyond a leading improvement- and knowledge exchange programme. 

Since its start in 2007, more than 240 utlities participated in one of EBC's benchmarking programmes. Together they serve millions of customers with water- and wastewater services. Interested in how they experienced their participation? You'll find it here.  

Since 2007, EBC annually organises benchmarking exercises for water- and wastewater utilities operating in Western Europe. Goal of the international benchmarking exercise is to assist drinking water- and wastewater utilities in their continuous efforts to improve their services by benchmarking.

Next to offering a benchmarking programme for Western European utilities, EBC is or has been involved in several other regional benchmarking initiatives, in close collaboration with local partners.

The Public report for the Western European programme shows ranges and median values of 24 key indicators for drinking water- and wastewater services. In order to present a balanced view on the performance of utilities, EBC analyses six performance areas: Access, Water quality, Reliability, Service quality, Sustainability and Finance & Efficiency.

Latest news


  • EBC benchmarking partner in WOPs with Bahir Dar and Lima

    / Tom Bijkerk

    Earlier this year, the European Union launched a Water Operator Partnership (WOP) Programme to leverage the demonstrated capacity of utilities to help one another reaching the SDGs.

  • 29 June 2021 – Start of EBC-based benchmarking programme in the Philippines

    / Tom Bijkerk

    On 29 June 2021 the Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD) virtually kicked off its benchmarking programme for water services.


  • IB2020 has kicked off!

    / Tom Bijkerk

    Despite the COVID-19 challenges, so far 41 companies have registered for this year’s benchmarking exercise for European water- and wastewater utilities.

  • IB2020: Registration open!

    / Tom Bijkerk

    Continuous improvement is the key to water- and wastewater utilities to provide 24 hours a day safe, reliable and affordable services, now and in the future.

    EBC offers water- & wastewater utilities in Europe and beyond a leading improvement- and knowledge exchange programme.