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The European Benchmarking Co-operation

The European Benchmarking Co-operation (EBC Foundation) is a not-for-profit sector initiative to improve drinking water- & wastewater services:

  • Initiated in 2005 by Dutch- & Nordic water utility associations & the 6-Cities Group
  • Based in The Hague, The Netherlands and governed by water industry partners (Aquanet, FIWA, Norsk Vann, Vewin, EurEau)
  • Annual benchmarking exercises for water utilities from Europe and beyond

The programme explained

Participants gain insight in potential improvement areas, industry best practices and innovations through extensive, annual benchmarking exercises and knowledge exchange events. 

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EBC offers drinking water- & wastewater utilities in Europe and beyond a leading improvement- and knowledge exchange programme. 

Since the start in 2007, some 250 utilities from more than 45 different countries have participated in the EBC's international benchmarking programme. Together these utilities provide drinking water- and wastewater services to a significant number of customers in Europe. 

Interested in how they experienced their participation? You'll find it here.  

Since 2007, EBC annually organises benchmarking exercises for drinking water- and wastewater utilities in Europe and beyond. Goal of these international benchmarking exercises is to assist water utilities in their continuous efforts to improve their services by benchmarking and learning from each other.

Next to offering a benchmarking programme for European utilities, EBC is or has been involved in several regional benchmarking initiatives, in close collaboration with local partners.

For the purpose of transparency and stakeholder communication EBC annually publishes a public report about its European benchmarking programme. This report shows ranges and median values of 36 key indicators for drinking water- and wastewater services, development trends over 3-5 years, as well as good practices & participants' experiences. Here you'll find the latest report.

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