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The European Benchmarking Co-operation

Improvement programme for water services

Building on the experiences of its founding partners, EBC Foundation has developed a leading international benchmarking programme to improve water services. Participation in the programme enables utilities to assess their performance, learn from colleagues and thus improve their services.

The programme explained

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Programme and benefits

EBC Foundation offers water utilities a learning oriented, professional benchmarking programme. Benefits for utilities range from better understanding of the performance to improved services and increased transparency.

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Participation & practicalities

In 2018 EBC Foundation organises the 12th edition of its programme of annual benchmarking exercises for water utilities in Western Europe. IB2017 primarily targets at European water utilities, although utilities from outside Europe who wish to improve their services are also welcome to join!

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EBC’s utility network

EBC’s utility network today covers some 225 water- and wastewater utilities from 42 countries, distributed over six different regional programmes. Many of the participants have already been involved in the programme for several years and repeatedly benchmark their services.

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Western Europe

Since 2007 EBC Foundation offers water utilities in Western Europe the possibility to participate in annual benchmarking exercises for drinking water- and wastewater services. Every year, this voluntary, self-financed programme attracts 40 to 50 participants, representing some 15% of the EU-population.

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IB2016 Public report

In December 2017 the IB2016 benchmarking exercise for Western Europe ended. The exercise attracted 47 utilities from 20 different countries. For stakeholder communication, a public report has been prepared to highlight the results of the exercise that ended in December 2017.




Latest news

2018-04-09 - EBC will organize a 2nd Orientation & Training workshop for IB2017!

This year EBC will organize a 2nd Orientation & training workshop on 26 April. Venue for the workshop is the office of EYDAP, the water & wastewater utility for the city of Athens.

2018-03-12 - Invitation & Agenda: Orientation & Training workshop IB2017

The agenda of the Orientation & Training workshop for the Western Europe Programme, is now available! The Workshop will take place on 6 April in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2018-02-19 - Call to Register for IB2017

In 2018 the European Benchmarking Co-operation organises its 12th annual benchmarking exercise for drinking water- & wastewater utilities in Western Europe (IB2017). Joining the EBC-programme enables you to assess, learn and improve!

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