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Regional benchmarking hub for Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Water Association (BWA), EBC Foundation and the Danube Water Program have joined forces to facilitate a benchmarking programme for water- & wastewater utilities in Bulgaria. Objective of the programme is to improve water services by benchmarking and learning from each other.

The programme is carried out by the regional benchmarking hub for Bulgaria, hosted and coordinated by the Bulgarian Water Association and facilitated by EBC Foundation, with financial support from the Danube Water Program and the Open Regional Fund for Southeast Europe.

In 2014, twelve water- & wastewater utilities participated in a first benchmarking exercise under this programme. In 2018 already the fifth edition of the programme started. 

Utilities that participate get their own, individual company report in which their performance in several areas is compared with other utilities in the group and with the average performance of utilities abroad as a reference. Next to this, meetings and workshops are organised to exchange knowledge and good practices.

The exercise is conducted in English and (partly) in Bulgarian.

If you would like more information about the benchmarking programme, please contact the Bulgarian Water Association, coordinator of the regional benchmarking hub for Bulgaria.

Contact details:

  • Bulgarian Water Association (BWA)
  • (UACEG) bldg. A, room 111
  • 1, Hristo Smirnenski Blvd., 1046 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Tel.: +359 2 963 2669
  • E-mail: or
  • Web: BWA