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Regional benchmarking programmes

EBC Foundation facilitates benchmarking activities across Europe and beyond.

Next to offering a benchmarking programme for European water utilities, EBC is or has been involved in several other regional benchmarking initiatives, in close collaboration with local partners.

In most cases, these regional benchmarking activities are structured according to EBC’s hub concept. This concept has been developed together with the Romanian Water Association (ARA), in response to demand for local ownership of benchmarking programmes. It enables working with colleagues from the own region, in the local language, against local cost levels.

In EBC’s hub concept, local partners and EBC Foundation closely work together to offer professional benchmarking services. The local partner – in most cases a national water utility association – acts as the ‘programme owner’ and co-ordinates the benchmarking activities, using EBC’s approaches (with room for local customisation).

EBC Foundation acts as a joint knowledge centre & facilitator; it supports the local partner by providing training, a methodology, a joint IT-platform, an helpdesk, and last but not least access to a large international utility network to share good practises.


Benefits of EBC’s hub concept are:

  • no need to invent the wheel again
  • capacity building at the level of utilities ánd at the facilitating associations
  • better guarantee for sustainable benchmarking
  • opportunities to exchange results & good practices between different benchmarking networks


EBC Hubs

Regional benchmarking programmes

Together with local partners, over time seven regional benchmarking programmes have been  established for: