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The European Benchmarking Co-operation

Improvement programme for water services

The map below shows the number of unique utilities per geographic cluster, which participated at least once over the last 5 years in one of EBCs’ benchmarking programmes.

The programme explained

EBC’s benchmarking- and improvement programme offers participants a comprehensive analysis of the performance of its utility in comparison with colleague utilities from across Europe. This “fitness check” helps participants finding improvement areas and -priorities in a structured and objective way.

EBC offers a learning-orientated benchmarking programme. Participants to the benchmarking exercise will be able to compare the performance of their own utility with that of peers and collect objective performance information for use in communication to stakeholders.

Since its start in 2007, more than 220 utlities participated in one of EBC's benchmarking programmes. Together they serve millions of customers with water- and wastewater services.

Since 2007, EBC annually organises benchmarking exercises for water- and wastewater utilities operating in Western Europe. Goal of the international benchmarking exercise is to assist drinking water- and wastewater utilities in their continuous efforts to improve their services by benchmarking.

Local associations, EBC Foundation and Danube Water Program have joined forces on several regional benchmarking programmes.

In December 2018 the IB2017 benchmarking exercise for Western Europe ended. The exercise attracted 44 utilities from 20 different countries. For stakeholder communication, a public report has been prepared to highlight the results of the exercise.

Latest news


  • Save the date! 6 March 2020 Knowledge Picnic
    / Tom Bijkerk

    Save the date for a new Knowledge Picnic! The Picnic with the aim to: Finding relevant indicators for water service related Sustainable Development Goals will take place on 6 March in Madrid. The Picnic is co-organized and hosted by Canal de Isabel II (Spain) together with VA SYD (Sweden), Waternet (The Netherlands) and EBC.

  • IB2018 Benchmarking Workshop: a retrospect
    / Tom Bijkerk

    From 13 – 15 November 2019, participants in the IB2018 benchmarking exercise for Western Europe gathered in Helsinki, Finland for the 13th edition of the annual benchmarking workshop. 75 Representatives from across Europe and beyond, including guests of the European Investment Bank and the Finnish association FIWA, participated in a smooth workshop which was co-organised with host company HSY.

  • Sustainable exchange during the 2nd Knowledge Picnic
    / Tom Bijkerk

    On Friday 13 September, EBC together with Va Syd and Waternet organized the second Knowledge Picnic in Malmö (Sweden). 17 participants from 7 different utilities gathered to discuss about sustainability. The UN Sustainable Development Goals formed a central part in this discussion and acted as a guidance. 

  • Join us in Helsinki!
    / Tom Bijkerk
    Registration for EBCs Annual Benchmarking workshop (Western European Programme) now open.