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IB2017 Call to Register

This document contains background information about the International Benchmarking Exercise 2018 (IB2017 - Western European programme) and the registration procedure.

2018-02-15 / Public documents / 1 page / 1801 kB

IB2017 Letter of Invitation

Water- & wastewater utilities that wish to improve their services are cordially invited to join the 12th international benchmarking exercise (IB2017).

2018-03-02 / Public documents / 1 page / 127 kB

Letter of Invitation (French)

Letter of invitation to participate in this years benchmark

2018-03-23 / Public documents / 1 page / 69 kB

IB2017 - Agenda & Invitation: Orientation & Training workshop

Invitation & Agenda of the Orientation & Training workshop for the Western European programme (IB2017 edition).

2018-03-12 / Public documents / 2 pages / 256 kB

EBC's Privacy Notice

In this Privacy Notice EBC Foundation explains what kind of personal data it collects, the purpose of it, the storage period of the data, exchanges with third parties and how to contact us for further information or questions.

2018-05-16 / Public documents / 5 pages / 318 kB

IB2017 - Invitation & Agenda 2nd Orientation & Training workshop

Invitation & Agenda of the Orientation & Training workshop for the Western European programme (IB2017, 2nd edition).

2018-04-09 / Public documents / 1 page / 610 kB

IB2016 Public Report

Public report of the IB2016 International Benchmarking exercise for Western Europe

2018-02-15 / Public documents / 46 pages / 6499 kB

EBCs' Terms & Conditions version 1.1

Terms & Conditions for benchmarking- and improvement services provided by Stichting EBC Foundation. Version 1.1 published 13.02.2018

2018-02-14 / Public documents / 5 pages / 318 kB

EFQM Code of Conduct

Benchmarking – the process of identifying and learning from Good Practices in other organisations – is a powerful tool in the quest for continuous improvement and performance breakthroughs. The authors and sponsors have produced this European Code of Conduct to guide Benchmarking encounters and to advance the professionalism and effectiveness of Benchmarking in Europe. It is based upon the Code of Conduct used by APQC and the wording has been modified to take into account the requirements of competition law. The layout and presentation have also been modified to provide a more positive chronological approach. Adherence to this Code will contribute to efficient, effective and ethical Benchmarking.

2009-03-15 / Public documents / 4 pages / 113 kB