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  • EBC's Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions for services provided by EBC Foundation

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  • EBC's Privacy Notice

    EBC Foundation highly values privacy and transparency and wants to carefully process and thoroughly secure personal data which is collected in the framework of its benchmarking services, in compliance with the requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    In the Privacy Notice EBC Foundation explains what kind of personal data it collects, the purpose of it, the storage period of the data, exchanges with third parties and how to contact us for further information or questions.

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  • EFQM Code of Conduct

    Benchmarking – the process of identifying and learning from Good Practices in other organisations – is a powerful tool in the quest for continuous improvement and performance breakthroughs. The authors and sponsors have produced this European Code of Conduct to guide Benchmarking encounters and to advance the professionalism and effectiveness of Benchmarking in Europe. It is based upon the Code of Conduct used by APQC and the wording has been modified to take into account the requirements of competition law. Adherence to this Code will contribute to efficient, effective and ethical Benchmarking.

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