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Save the Date! Knowledge Picnic on Sustainability reporting: SDGs & CSRD

author: Viktoria Iskova

Based on active discussions and interest shown by participants in sustainability reporting during the workshop in Krakow, it was decided to hold a third Knowledge Picnic on Sustainability reporting: SDGs & CSRD on May 16, 2023 in HamburgGermany. 

The objectives of this Knowledge Picnic are as follows:

·               refreshing knowledge on the methodology to assess performance of a utility towards the SDGs;

·               update on the changing sustainability reporting landscape by addressing the CSRD and the consequences for the water sector;

·               presenting of companies’ experiences on the use of the SDGs-related indicators;

·               discussing improvements regarding the translation of SDGs into water sector goals and -indicators;

·               joint defining target values of selected indicators for further better assessment and monitoring of progress in achieving the SDGs’ targets.


The Knowledge Picnic will be organized in cooperation with aquabench GmbH and hosted by Hamburg Wasser.


Please let us know if you or your colleagues would like to share your experience, challenges or suggestions on the topic.