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Public Summary Report 2023 benchmarking exercise available!

author: Viktoria Iskova

We are pleased to inform you that the EBC Public Summary Report of the 2023 benchmarking exercise (IB2022) is now available to explore the key results.

You can view a shortened version of the report via the main menu “The programme explained” – “Public report”. On this webpage, you’ll find further instructions on how to obtain the full version of the Public Summary Report.

Benchmarking Programme participants can log into the programme website and view the full version of the Public Summary Report via the main menu “Documents” – “EBC Public Summary Report”.

The IB2022 Public Summary Report highlights the main results from the annual benchmarking exercise for water- and wastewater services in Europe. Also, it showcases best practices from the sector and presents participants' experiences. In the 2023-cycle 46 water supply and wastewater utilities from 18 different countries participated. Together they serve a significant number of consumers across Europe and beyond.

We are sincerely grateful to all the authors who made a significant contribution by preparing articles and sharing their experiences and best practices in this new edition of the EBC Public Summary Report!