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Orientation & Training workshop: agenda available

author: Peter Dane

The agenda of the Orientation & Training workshop is now available. The Workshop will take place on 15 April in Copenhagen, Denmark and starts on 10:00 in the morning.

On 15 April 2016, prior to the start of the IB2015 benchmarking exercise, EBC Foundation organises an Orientation & Training workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. This optional workshop aims to explain the EBC –programme, the benchmarking process and –methodology. Furthermore it addresses how to assure a good data quality and it will explain the benchmarking platform that is used for data submission. Also, there is time for individual consultation, for instance to discuss issues at your utility that need special attention.

Here you’ll find the agenda for the 1-day workshop.

Venue for the workshop is the office of HOFOR, the water & energy utility for the greater Copenhagen region, Ørestads Boulevard 35, Copenhagen, Denmark. HOFOR’s office is located near Copenhagen Airport, which has excellent international flight connections. A local route description is attached.

If you wish to attend the Orientation & Training workshop, we kindly ask you to register by 8 April 2016 via

We look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen!