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IB2022 Call to Register!

author: Viktoria Iskova
We are pleased to announce that EBC has opened the registration for the next benchmarking cycle, IB2022!


Today even more than before, society demands effective, efficient, sustainable, resilient and transparent water servicesEBC Foundation aims to assist water utilities in reaching these goals by offering an improvement programme featuring:

  • a sound and objective performance assessment;
  • comparisons with peer utilities across Europe and beyond;
  • knowledge exchanges in a safe learning environment;  
  • access to a unique European utility network.


IB2022 exercise goals:


The first goal of the IB2022 benchmarking exercise is to assess the performance level of your utility’s water services, using data of the year 2022, followed by a comparison with European peers. The second goal is to exchange knowledge and experiences between practitioners to learn from leading/best practices and innovations from colleague utilities.

Other goals are: 

  • measuring performance against the UN SDGs;
  • raising transparency of water services.

More detailed information about the programme, for instance concerning pricing, deliverables and the process is availbale in the Call to Register. (after clicking a pdf will be downloaded).

You can open the registration form, if you would like to register directly. 


We are looking forward to another successful benchmarking exercise!