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Call to Register for EBC’s International Benchmarking Exercise - IB2018

author: Tom Bijkerk

In 2019 the European Benchmarking Co-operation organises its 13th annual benchmarking exercise for drinking water- & wastewater utilities in Western Europe. Joining the EBC-programme is a commitment to assess, learn and improve!

EBC’s benchmarking- and improvement programme offers participants a comprehensive analysis of the performance of its utility in comparison with colleague utilities from across Europe. This “fitness check” helps participants finding improvement areas and -priorities in a structured and objective way.

Furthermore, the programme offers participants - based on the analysis - an opportunity to improve by learning from best practices and innovations from EBC’s extensive European utility network, facilitated by an annual workshop and Knowledge Picnics


Programme take aways 

By participating in the programme you'll:  

  • Get a better understanding of the performance of your own utility
  • Compare with European colleagues similar in size
  • Find and define your improvement potentials
  • Get inspired and improve by learning from your colleagues
  • Be part of a leading utility network


Planning & Registration

The benchmarking exercise runs from 1 May to 13 December 2019 and starts with an Orientation- & Training workshop beginning of April. 

Further details about the upcoming exercise are available in the ‘Call to Register’ and registration is possible via the online Registration Form.


Participants IB2017 Annual Workshop

Participants' experiences 

Curious about experiences of previous participants? Check out this Blog from Bristol Water (UK) or take a look at the two 'Participants Experiences' in our recently published Public Report (page 42 to 45).