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2020: Are you in?

author: Tom Bijkerk
Join EBC’s 14th international benchmarking exercise for drinking water- & wastewater services (IB2019)!

Society today asks for effective, efficient, transparent, sustainable and resilient water services; therefore, it is essential for water utilities to get engaged in benchmarking- and improvement efforts.

EBC’s benchmarking programme offers utilities:

▪ an objective, sound performance assessment and –comparison;

▪ improving by learning from colleagues from a unique European utility network

This year, on the request of many, we will pay extra attention to performance in the area of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and report on progress made there.

We welcome your (continued) participation!

More information can be found in the Call to Register.

Registration is possible via the online Registration form.

Closing date for registration is 1 May 2020. Utilities who would like to join after this date are still very welcome, however delayed registration may result in not being included in the (draft) reporting. In case of delayed registration, please contact the EBC-project team via:



In response to the current coronavirus outbreak we have taken a few measures to carry out the work as responsibly as possible:

we use a flexible planning this year, because we realize that daily activities at water utilities are currently not carried out as usual. The cycle starts on May 1, but it is no problem to register now and step in later when circumstances require;

the annual start-up event for new participants, the Orientation- and Training workshop, is cancelled. Instead, we will give extra support to new participants through our helpdesk and provide training materials online;

the annual benchmarking workshop is tentatively planned on 19&20 November in Krakow, Poland. We will inform you in time if this workshop can continue or needs to be postponed.

In any case, we will pay attention this year to lessons learned from responses of water utilities to the coronavirus outbreak.