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Benchmarking Programmes

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Programme and benefits

EBC Foundation offers drinking water- and wastewater utilities a professional benchmarking programme to improve their services by learning from each other.

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Participation and practicalities

EBC offers a learning-orientated benchmarking programme. Participants to the benchmarking exercise will be able to compare the performance of their own utility with that of peers and collect objective performance information for use in communication to stakeholders.

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EBC’s utility network

EBC’s utility network today covers some 225 water- and wastewater utilities from 42 countries, distributed over six different regional programmes. Many of the participants have already been involved in the programme for several years and repeatedly benchmark their services.

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Western Europe

Western Europe is EBC's core market. Building on the experience for Western Europe EBC has become a renowed initiative in benchmarking and performance improvement.

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IB2016 Public report

The IB2016 Public Report highlights the results from the benchmarking exercise that ended in December 201. 47 utilities from 20 countries participated.